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Old forced sex movie with man abusing a brunette


Old forced sex movie to share

Long time with no share, here an old forced sex porn coming from the deep of my hard disk. I don’t remember in wich website I found it, but I hope you will pardon the quality and enjoy old treasure.

The scene take place in the home of the victim, a guy wait her with a gun and take her to her bedroom to fuck and abuse her. To make it easier, she’s tied so he can use her mouth and her pussy as much as he want.

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He remove her cloth to abuse her
Rapist attack a woman in her home
Forced sex and violence, all he know from life

Sexual assault with gun and sentence

It strange but the use of weapon during a sexual assault can sentece harsher than a rape without it… It’s a bit strange, as the result is the same, I think any rape crime should have an heavy judgement.

Maybe it’s because, the use of weapon, and the life threathening position cause more trauma to the victim. Justice an be strange sometime.

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tied and forced to suck his dick (with condomn)
rape on her bed by behind
On her he push his dick in her pussy

Rape porn review : Some old stuff

The think I like in old movie it’s the raw finition, they look like actual amateur movie. The movie is quite good, the actress convincing as the guy even a bit more lust attitude would be better.

Note that the guy wear a condomn, wich is rare at that time !

Date: April 10, 2021

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