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Mechanic decide to rape his hot client in the garage


Hot client meet pervert rapist in wrong place

Hot client abuse in another good rapist mechanic video from the site this time. The other one from can be find by this link.

It seem that a woman should not go alone to repair her car… Mechanics love women, there is lot picture of nude women in their garage… But some time they love them too much !

pretty woman sexual assault in a garage
While waiting the attack start from behind
Madalyne Leroy rape porn video sedena
All her clothes are removed, leaving her hot body

Mechanic rape fantasy is it common ?

Strangely, it’s quite a common fantasy, many porn movie depict a mechanic abusing a young and sexy woman. Sure the fact that there is sexy woman in porn movie is even more common… But in reality, never a mechanich have raped a woman during his work !

All the case are outside work, so it seem that the profession is not helpfull in sexual assault… Hopefully, there is enough danger for women in many place… At least they can repair their car in safe mind.
The reason is that moder repair car garage are full of people today. In the past, it may happen, but I don’t think so much… Even if there was mechanic working alone, women with drive licence were really few and rare… You can see when fantasy is more in pornographic world than real world.

Madalyne Leroy hot client rape by dirty mechanich
tied and fucked on the ground

He tied and fucked his hot client on the ground

In this rape movie with the hot Madalyne Leroy, she play a hot client waiting for reparation… But the mechanic have more idea and pervession in his head than doing his work. He can’t stop thinking of remove the clothes of this pretty woman, touch her warm and smooth body, fuck her…

As he’s working alone today, maybe it’s the perfect timing… He catch her, undress her and tie her with sticking plaster, now she can’t flee ,othing can stop him.

His first sexual abuse his a face fucking, never before he had the chance to do oral sex. As she don’t have the choice he enjoy to fuck her mouth fully, but it was just a warm up. With a dick hard like metal, he want to fuck her and penetrate her pussy hard and rough.

A life of fustration without any chance to have sex with girl he desired explode at this moment.

Dirty Mechanic rape a hot client with great tits
she had wonderfull natural tits

Rape porn review : Hot like a sportcar

Madalyne Leroy, is one of the main reason to watch this movie… Damn she’s pretty and hot, I think many will feel the same. The acting is quite nice, she try to resist as much as her bond allow it. got some really good movies, and this one is among them. And if you want some idea for your roleplay fantasy why not try the Dirty Mechanic plotn you just need a car and a garage in a remote place !

Mechanic decide to rape his hot client




Girl appealing


Setting up




Natural body



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Date: April 25, 2021
Actors: Madalyne Leroy

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