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Scandalous rape in an american hotel


Hotel are not safe place

Here an old rape porn from the site, the action take place in a hotel, with two bikers abusing a pretty slim blonde babe.

I think is one of the first forced fantasy site in internet, and as many it’s dead today. It’s hard to find movies from this website, hopefully I have saved some that I’ll share.

Two men attack a woman in her room
Even her room is not safe for her pussy threesome rape video archive
The movie is old so not in HD the expensive domain

Let change of topic a bit and talk about domain and web, porn is not all in life. For all webmaster, the price of the domain is really high, near 2282 $ !!!

To do a good porniste, you need a good domain name, and it’s quite hard as many peoples buy them… But seem the url is not as good as is price as the site didn’t live enough.

With all the streaming and tube porn, paysite had an hard and short life… As forced fetish is mainly produce by studio, I don’t know if there will be many new videos in future.

Perhaps some actress will do some, to offer varietu and gain money with this niche. But with the #metoo movement (a good thing), rape fantasy will maybe disapear… With only rape scene in movie as new content…

So until that day you can still watch some good videos in this site 🙂

slim blonde violent rape in a hotel
He violently fuck her in her bed
hotel brutal rape fantasy porn video past glory, but no more movie from this studio

Rape porn review : A, must see

The quality is not all good, but it’s an old movie. But for those who had internet at that time, this movie is pure gold.

The girl have a nice slim sexy body, and they fuck it hard. The downpoint is the actor, not really horny, it’s a bit lame.

It’s not the best video from, I’ll share them later, but you can still enjoy this one and vote for it.

Violent rape in a hotel room




Girl appealing


Setting up




Hard dick



  • old but legend
  • History of rape porn
  • overall good


  • Men could not really boner
Date: January 25, 2021

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