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Latina babe violent violation in Rip Her Up clip


A latina lady for some rough forced sex

A new movie from the website, this time it’s a latina girl, for those who love matte skin. A masked guy wait near her appartement to catch and rape her !

Usualy I don’t really like RHU movie, but this one should charm you.

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Surprise in her home by a rapist
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She scream in pain and hurt

When a fit girl meet a stalker

Sabrina is a cute latina girl who love sport, she go every day in the same Gym club. But in this place Bob also love to go to watch pretty girl sweating. It’s been some month that he can’t stop thinking of Sabrina lovely body… He want to fuck her so much.

He even spy her in the shower and dressing room… Today is the day he will ram her. Quietly he wait in the corridor, near her appartement, and jump on her when she arrive. Even if she scream, nobody is here, all the neighbor is working at that time.

Bob quickly push Sabrina in the kitchen, ripping her cloth to touch her pussy.. Struggling as much as she can, she can’t resist to this strong guy who grap her to her bedroom. Once his mask removed, Sabrina recognize Bob, who start to lick her face.

“Oh god, I you know how much I’m excited by you ! You gonna feel my desire”

Lick her pussy, push his dick in her mouth, his mind is fill with violent sexual desire, the more she fight back the more he want to fuck her. He will violently fuck her on the bed, with a condom because he always fuck protected.

When he can’t hold no more, he cum all over her face before leaving her place. latina violation brutal sex
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Pain and sex

Rape por review : Quite good

I’m not the biggest fan of Rip Her Up, even if there is some really good movie in this site. This one is among the bet one, the action is ok and the fuck rough as we can expect.

The actress is the fight type who try to resist during all the half part. You can see also that the guy put a condom, wich is good, never fuck without protection !!!

Overall the movie is good for a roleplay scenary with a vicious stalker who decide to attack sexy girl of the sport club !

Latina babe violent violation




Girl appealing


Setting up




Cloth ripping

Date: March 24, 2021

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