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Housewife rape and abused by a vicious criminal


The housewife rape fantasy is quite common

This movie can be an easy roleplay to do, your partner just have to stay at home like a lone housewife. While the agressor enter with a mask and a (fake) gun.

Then you just have to restrain your partner and use her body while dominate her. Unlike this movie don’t gagged her, or she will not be able to say the safe word !

housewife rape porn roleplay fantasy
He love to molest her ass and pussy

He hunt for lonely housewife

This movie is about a masked rapist, who enter in a house to rape. It been long time that he stalk his prey, waiting the day where no husband or childrens will be at home. The poor victim feeling safe, doesn’t know that this day all her life gonna be shattered by the lust of a single man.

Does she know him ? Maybe yes, maybe no… Is she the first one ? We don’t know but if police don’t get him other women will suffer of his lust. The violence can happen everywhere in this dark world, even in the safest homeplace

housewife rape porn roleplay fantasy
A simple way to do some rape roleplay

Raped porn review : Short and really good 18/20

The movie is short, but intense with a great acting ! I really like how the guy molest the woman, you can feel how he’s craving for female flesh and sex.

It’s an amateur movie so the quality is not perfect, but that make it look more real. And even if it’s short, he take time to fuck her in many position. The doggystyle bent to the bed is also hot.

The actress is good to, paralized by fear, she take all the vice of her rapist without resistance, it’s not an easy roleplay. And she got a really nice natural body.

housewife with nice body rape in her bed porno
She still got a good looking natural body

Looking for more housewife rape porn ?

There is a lot of good movies in this thema, many in JAV but also in american studio. I like the worker who rape the boss wife. She’s sexy and the acting is good !

Date: October 5, 2022

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