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Forced bride a new movie from rapesection


Russian and forced bride fetish fantasy

I don’t know why russian made so much forced bride video… There was even one site with only this kind of videos But it seem that fantasy is not lucrative, you see no more pornsite with this thema.

Porn is only a story of niche, every studio search for the perfect nice to make a lot of money. Rape porn is also a niche, but illegal in many countries like England, Germany and India. Mainly because men can’t hold themselve, wich is sad. If you are from those country, it’s better to not download our movies, you could have big problems !

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Forced porn review : Classic but nice – 15/20

This movie is good, the actor is nice and hard enough, the girl cute with nice natural slim body. The acting is also convincing, she fight back enough and seem to not like it.

A bit more lust would be nice, like sucking her nipples or molesting more her body.

The plot is also really simple, the guy enter and assault her. But russian’s production are often not pushing the story.

There is better movie but this one is good enough !

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Fucked and abused in her white dress
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Not the best but good enough for this site !
Date: July 22, 2021

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