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A man decide to rape his neighbor a night


A scene from “Sexyhot” a porn channel in TV. A man stalk and enter in his sexy neighbor bedroom to fuck and rape her !

pervert stalk neighbor undressing
Spying her while she undress

Why men are stalking and not women ?

Maybe because male act more like predators, they need to “hunt” their fucking prey. That would explain why there is more male rapist.

Mybe if women were with stronger build the agression would be less too.

bedroom rape porn of mature woman

Rape porn review : B+, Quite good

This movie is old, the video quality is not at his best… But the scene and the victim are hot.

Watching this beautiful woman undressing to go to sleep, not knowing that she’s stalked is kinky… Yeah I know, no girl sleep with pantyhose, but that for the movie !

Anal rape of his pretty neighbor
An ass rape to finish her humiliation

Do you like your neighbor ?

To have a cute neighbor is a cruel dilemna… Many men love their wife, but the lust is always present in their mind.

At best they would like a short romance, with the desired beauty… But at worse they just want to fuck her no matter the cost…

Sometime she’s just a young woman, lonely mother of a child… Other time she’s the cute and sexy daughter ready to go to University.

At any reason, it’s a poor woman victim of dark instint !

pervert man rape his sexy neighbor
His lust is stronger than his reason, and he fuck her

Date: August 24, 2020

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