The beast in heat (1977) nazi short rape scene


Beast and Nazi fetish movie from old time

The beast in heat is an old italian movie, directed by Luigi Batzella, about a group of Nazi scientist. They use and rape female prisonners for their medical experiment with a strange creature !

In this short and hot scene, they supervise the rape of a cute and sexy prisoner by what it seem a Caveman. I never saw the movie, so I can’t tell you if it’s good

The beast in heat nazi rape scene
Such good looking body going to be ravish

Forced sex review : Nice short scene

The kind of scene you will ask for more, but sadly you will just have to keep your imagination to satisfy your frustration. For an actress of the 70’s Macha Magall is super hot, she got awesome body. And if you search a bit, you will find that she know to use it in many productions.

And the actor who play the beast Salvatore Baccaro, make a good job.

Date: May 25, 2021
Actors: Macha Magall

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