Sondra Locke gangrape scene in The Outlaw (1976)


Really hot and short gangrape scene

This gangrape scene is incredible from 1976, you can feel the lust of a group of outlaws. Those guys capture a pioneers convoy with women, the first things in their mind is to fuck a cunt.

The acting performance of Sondra Locke is just perfect, you can feel all her fear when the males spot her. And her useless fight while they tears her clothes on the ground.

And she really have a nice butt ! Sadly you will no see more, an old man came to save her, but Clint Eastwood was also here, ready to help her.

Sondra Lock gangrape scene in the movie The Outlaw
Those guys crave for a young female cunt

Rape scene review : Really good, want more – 16/20

Short scene are always the best one ! Especialy when they are from movie, because the actors are better than porn actors in acting quality. You will have some glimpse on skin like her small tits and also her nice butt, but not full nudity. But at that period it was really nice and enough for pervert eyes !

I really like how those guys act like a pack of savage beasts, if pornographic production could have this quality they would be perfect !

Date: June 30, 2021
Actors: Sondra Locke

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