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Short movie “Douce” 2010 rape scene


Douce a short movie from Xim Axinn

Douce is what french people call a court-métrage. A short movie, often made by small studio to show their talent. There is some really good court-métrage, and it seem french realisator love to put rape in them.

If you long for the full long movie, you can find it on Youtube. I’ll only share the rape part, as I don’t like all scenes and snuff material.

Viol court métrage Xim Axinn
He grap her to rape her
Xim Axinn short rape scene
Nowhere to flee

A piece of the story

The movie seem to talk about a couple who go out for a romantic rendez-vous. All is going in the perfect world, but a violent guy enter in the scene with the target to rape the girl.

He will murder her boyfriend, before he assault her and violate her on the ground. Simple and brutal nothing else.

Douce brutal rape scene
It’s quite brutal
Douce sexual assault scene
You will not see more skin

Rape porn review : Amateur work – C

You will see no skin in this scene, a glimpse of view on her panty, and also the low-cut with her big breast. For the acting there is nothing special too, but it’s my job to share as much movie as I can !

If you like amateur like movie, this one should be better !

Handcuffed and forced so suck and fuck anal

Date: February 4, 2022

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