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Old man rape his pretty woman


One common reality with old man rape fantasy

This movie is about a old man rape and abusing his young wife. Many rich guy love to have pretty girl as fucking doll. That’s why is better to get married with a gentle guy, you may have less comfort but at least you will have respect.

Marital rape is one of the most common rape case, and also the most difficult to battle against.

Marital rape scene video
He came to fuck her
husband abuse his pretty wife
He take her by force

Even while their child could listen and watch

The movie is quite disturbing, but I’m sure that kind of scene happen often in the world. A pretty mother, in a sexy nigh dress, is taking care of her hair, while her child sleep.

But her husband enter in the room, half naked, and want to fuck. First she push him away, but he don’t take it this way ! He pay so he can fuck when he want and how he want !

He take her by force, and rape her in the marital bedroom… But all this noise wake up their son, who enter and watch all the scene (not in real hopefully). I think this scene will stay forever in his mind and change his persperctive of sex, in the wrong way.

old man rape is sexy wife
She try to resist but he will be brutal
old man rape in brutal way his wife
He rap and fuck her roughly on the bed

Rape porn review : Great scene from Italia – A

I think the scene is from an erotic Italian movie. We don’t see much skin and their is no penetration, it may be from a mainstream. The way how it is filmed make me think of Salierie production in color, like this movie :

He abuse a cute disabled woman in wheelingchair

With a dark ambiance, and beautiful woman. The acting is good, and the child witness make the horror even more awful. Never do the same at home, a child mind is something brittle to take care… As you wife dignity, never rape you wife !!! You can do some roleplay if she’s consent, that can be fun if you are a couple into CNC fantasy. But if she’s not, leave it, and try to find fun in other sexual and tender way.

Date: February 1, 2022

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