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Two masked guys rape a woman in a parking


Parking is a dangerous place for woman but a good for fantasy

Before security camera where more common, rapes in parking were quite common. It’s why in old movie there is lot of movie that happen in car park. There is some good movies in this thema in the site, like this french one with sexy woman.

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they forced her to suck their dick
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A gun don’t let her choice

A dark place where women are vulnerables

The place is isolated, and at night there is very few people. So many predators find it perfect to trap their sexual victims. In this movie it’s a busty brunette who is caugth by two rapists. With a gun, she don’t have choice than being abused by them.

I think, even for casual fantasy parking is really a great place. But now it’s really difficult to have sex in this place because of camera. So doing roleplay is absolutly forbiden !

You can try in some open place parking, or more simple in your home garage, or the one of your appartment. But be sure à 100% that there is no video surveillance… Or you risk big problem !

Sex in public place is really thrilling, so CNC roleplay is even more exciting !

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Date: November 20, 2021

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