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Kenzie Vaughn is outsanding in this gang rape porn

You can find many rough and hardcore movie with Kenzie Vaughn, but none are as good as this one ! From the site, it’s among the best of the site, at the peak of their production.

I think you will hardly find better movie today, but who know, maybe a new studio will entrer in the niche… Sadly the last new site I discover are or, but they are not really good… Even if one or two movies can be nice !

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They trap the cute Kenzie in the forest to abuse her
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Don’t go out with any guys…

This movie is also a warning for parents and young women… Something that can start like a good party with fun guys can quickly turn really badly ! Men are not all nice…

Kenzie Vaughn play the role of a university student, who flee her parent’s house to follow she just met. He offer her to go to a party, wich it’s more fun than stay at home with her mother and do homework.

She wait that mom go to sleep, to quickly put some cloth and join the guys… Once in the car, she see quickly that they go in the forest, and not a fiesta. But it’s too late, the guys never intend to go to a nightclub, they always seek to gang rape a young sexy woman. In the middle of the night in the forest no one will help her.

They quickly tears her cloth, and a mattress is waiting is waiting in the place… All was prepared to fuck her.

She try to escape and resist ut four against one is too much, she don’t have other choice than satisfy them. They roughly put their cock in her mouth.

“Open wide, and don’t bite !”

“Damn this girl have a nice body, it gonna be nice to fuck her”

They love to fuck her mouth, they are horny to forced such beautiful face. At this moment Kenzie regret leaving her home.. She could be quietly on her bed, but because of her bad decision four men violate and rape her. And they are rough and brutal.

She hope that it will be quick, but the abuse will length near one hour, during wich they will do all sexual brutality. Even double penetrating her ass and pussy while she cry in pain, fucked in the ground and the dirt.

Remember, don’t go out with older guys you don’t know… The price of the night could be more than you can endure…

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Raped and abused on the dirt, the acting is perfect
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If you find better roleplay, just tell me

Rape porn review : The best

For me this movie is the best rape porn, the acting and action is brutal and non stopping. Kenzie Vaughn is a wonderful actress during all the video, struggling and finaly falling to their assault. Her desabused face is perfect.

And she really cute and sexy, it’s sad that she made boobs surgery, she was perfect natural.

The actors are also really good, they are brutal and vicous, seem to have fun while abusing this poor girl. Princess Donna directed this production and made the perfect work !

I never found better movie than this one, some are really good, near perfect. But the rythm, acting and way to film all is good. The best scene for me are at the start when she try to escape and how they submit her.

And the face fucking scene is one of the best, if you find better just tell me wich movie is better, I’m always curious.

Kenzie Vaughn perfect rape porn




Girl appealing


Setting up




The best



  • Simply the best movie
  • great acting
  • brutal and vicious
  • outstanding rythm
Date: March 7, 2021

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